Overview of Console Connect (Remote Support)

Overview of Console Connect (Remote Support)

Console Connect allows you to remotely connect to a user session to perform support functions.

Enable Console Connect

Before you can use Console Connect, you must allow deployment of the Console Connect agents and initiation of remote sessions.

To enable Console Connect:

  1. At the Account level, navigate to Settings > Integrations.

  2. In the Console Connect tile, select Disabled.

  3. Review the confirmation pop-up and select OK.

Connect to a Session

Console Connect allows you to connect to an active user session.

Note: This is only available for accounts that have Console Connect enabled and the agent has been installed on the session host.

To connect to a session:

  1. At the MSP level, navigate to Console Connect.

  2. Locate the session host you wish to connect to and select Connect.

  3. On the confirmation pop-up, select Connect.

    The connection is established and you may perform remote support on the session host.

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