Manage RDP Properties of an AVD Host Pool

Manage RDP Properties of an AVD Host Pool

This article discusses the custom RDP properties of an AVD host pool. The custom RDP properties on host pools consist of connection information, session behavior, device redirection, display settings, and other advanced settings. All these settings are always synchronized with the Azure portal settings.

To manage RDP properties of an AVD host pool:

  1. At the Account level, navigate to AVD > Host Pools.

  2. Locate the host pool you wish to work with.

  3. From the action menu, select Properties > Custom RDP.

  4. Select or unselect the desired options as shown above.

  5. Once you have selected or unselected all the options as desired, select Save or Save & close.

  6. Optionally, select All settings to work with all the custom settings.

  7. Perform any of the following:

    • In the Global RDP Properties drop-down, optionally select the global properties to use.

      • Sync RDP settings with Global properties: Select this option to sync any changes to the Global RDP properties with the host pool's RDP properties.

    • In the Value column, select a value to type the RDP setting.

    • Select Reset to reset a specific RDP setting.

    • Scroll down to the bottom of the settings list for additional controls.

    • Select Save to save all the changes.

    • Select Clear to set all the RDP settings to Not configured.

    • Select Reset to Nerdio default to set all the RDP settings to Nerdio defaults.

      Note: See Global RDP Settings for details about the Nerdio default settings.

Note: All the changes to the RDP settings are seen in the corresponding settings in the Azure portal.

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