Custom retention on Jobs table

Please add a custom retention on the Jobs table.
It is impossible to delete an account, because the jobs table is too large and deletion of the records gives a time-out.
This happend several times now. 
We don't need to see who reimaged an AVD in 2021 (three years ago). 
If only the last 90 days is stored in the table, that is enough for us. Maybe for others it is 120 days or maybe less like 30.
But give us an option to reduce the amount of records in the jobs table.


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Dave Stephenson

Welcome to the community, Pascal Van Der Aalst 🙂!

The option to choose how much data is retained is a great option.
Or, the option to clear all job history (in the case you're wanting to delete an entire account, like you mentioned) would be nice too.

Andy Weidner

Hey Pascal Van Der Aalst!

We are currently working on some database retention and cleanup options that should hopefully resolve this issue. Keep an eye out for this feature in a future version!


-Andy Weidner


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