Manage Hybrid-Joined Users

As NMM is maturing, we are working toward it being a primary management platform for our clients.  We can now manage AVD deployments, servers, backups, applications and endpoints via Intune. 

Our biggest obstacle now managing users who are hybrid-joined (local AD server, hosted in Azure).  We had the ability in NFA to manage these users, is there anything in dev to bring back this ability?

About 85% of our client base has an AD server which is AD Connected to Entra ID.


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Dave Stephenson

Hey, John, great call-out. I know we're all trying to get our customers to 100% cloud environments, but Microsoft doesn't make it easy to support this with AVDs/FSLogix, yet.

I know I (and likely many others in the community) didn't start using Nerdio until it was NMM.
Can you elaborate a little bit more about what features you had in NFA that you want with NMM?

I'm guessing the majority of your user management could be handled use Azure Runbooks, but I'm curious to see what Nerdio had at the "beginning of time" 😁

Jim-Barry Behar

NFA had full user management and would create the AD user, trigger an ADSync, allowing you to have a single source of user creation/password reset, etc. Currently some environments have hybrid AD/AAD, others have AADDS, and others are AAD only for us with NMM, so the ones that have hybrid AD/AAD are the problem ones to manage, and when you have multiple techs managing customer environments, keeping the tech experience streamlined and uniform is critical to success.


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