Nerdio Manager for MSP Private Preview features

We find it important that the features we deliver actually solve problems, add value and make your life easier being an MSP. That's why we start collecting feedback about new features early in the development stage. We're always looking for partners who are willing to test work-in-progress features and provide feedback about what you like, what you don't like or what you might be missing. That piece information is crucial to us before we make a feature general available. In return for your time, you'll get a sneak peak of what is coming and (more important) have an impact on how new features work when they get released.

We'll announce new private preview features through the Release Notes, keep an eye for them. Please let us know if you have the availability to test them out and provide feedback to us. Your help is very much appreciated!

Current private preview features that you can sign up to are:

  • Backup Validation
  • Image Validation
  • Autoscale Rolling Drain Mode
  • Reserved Instance Management
  • AI Services
  • Defender for Endpoint
  • Solution Baselines

Use this form to subscribe to individual private preview features. Thank you!


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Robert Reid

I am getting a consistent error with the image validatation and have only been able to get it to work once for one account.   

Error: Resource name val-GWNTC- is invalid. The name can be up to 80 characters long. It must begin with a word character, and it must end with a word character or with '_'. The name may contain word characters or '.', '-', '_'.

Am I missing something?

Dave Stephenson

We tested the Image Validation with a couple of accounts and didn't receive any errors.
From the looks of the error message you included, it is not liking the resource name because it ends with a dash ( - ) (Ex: val-GWNTC-)
All of our image VMs for our customer accounts end with letters (i.e. DSNY-AVDIMG, AMZN-AVD-QB-IMG, etc). That's my hypothesis why we're not receiving an error.

Out of curiosity, if you change the image name to end with an alphabetic character (word character), do you get the same error?

Robert Reid

The image name does end in a letter. The image name is GWNTC-base. All my images are clientinitial-base. What I have noticed though is this is happening when I do the validation as part of the power off and set as image. I can run a validation manually from the menu and it works perfectly.

I will double check the names though.

Robert Reid

I think I have figured out what is happening here. The validation is taking the first six characters of the image name to create the temporary resources. So any of my clients with a five character initial will always fail as the 6th character is a dash (-).  So a couple of questions now;

1. Why only 6 Characters and can it be increased? 
2. Could there not be some validations done before creating the resource?


Dave Stephenson

Good catch, Robert!
My answers to your questions (hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me or someone from Nerdio can chime in 😉) are below:

  1. I'm wondering if they can just no use the image name at all. Since it's a temporary VM to validate that the image will work (and is deleted afterwards), could they just use a generic name (i.e. imval#) so it wouldn't cause any problems.
  2. As far as I can tell from the logs (I'm not sure if there's a Nerdio support article on the feature yet or not because it's still in private preview), it's basically just making sure the image is able to be cloned and that cloned image can boot successfully. I don't think there's too much to validate before it creates the resource. 🤔

I did find this article that talks about boot diagnostics, but I'm not positive they're the same thing.
Overview of Boot Diagnostic Insights – Nerdio Help Center (

Hopefully Gido or Andy can provide insight as to how it's supposed to work. 


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