Global Geo location properties

When adding a new customer to the MSP, we need to select the current time zone for everything.

It would make it a lot easier, if there are Global geo location properties, like:

  • Time zone (for al the time zone options);
  • Start day of week;
  • Default azure region.



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Dave Stephenson

We do something similar with the Nerdio Cost Estimator right now where we're able to choose a default region (in our case, West US 2 is closest to our customers, but doesn't have any available space 🫤 so we default to West US) for our estimates.
What Jim Verhulst | Venéco is suggesting would help minimize the number of clicks required to setup a customer.

Out of curiosity, Jim, are you thinking this is a global setting (i.e. all users in NMM is set by the same properties) or is it a user preference where they could choose their own defaults (similar to the Cost Estimator options)?

Jim Verhulst | Venéco

Dave Stephenson a global setting would be preferred, that way, you can be sure that al the resources are deployed in the specific region or using the same timezone as the MSP using Nerdio.

Personal preference would make company standardizing a bit more difficult.

Dave Stephenson

I always prefer a Global Default and make someone work to go against the default so they can't say, "I didn't do that". 😁


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