Option to give sysprep arguments

We would like to add sysprep arguments so we can use unattended.xml files.

The issue that we are currently facing is that the user defined printer settings are gone after a sysprep.

Because the printer as devices are gone, so the user defined printer settings are overwritten.

So, we would like to use the unattended file so sysprep doesn't remove the device.
See this microsoft post about removing the device when using a sysprep.


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Dave Stephenson

That sounds like a great option. I'm not sure all of the partners would need that kind of flexibility, but it's nice to have feature for sure.
I'm guessing Nerdio could do it the same way they're handling the FSLogix Redirections.xml file, but add it to the Image capture section.

In the meantime, are you able to capture those registry settings and put them back on the imaged host using a Scripted Action, Intune, or GPO?

Brad Hemsley

This feature would be handy for all sorts of Unattend configuration. In my scenario, I would like to customise the OOBE config.


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