Autoscale Auto-Heal Broken host for VM's with status "AVD session host not found"

Can in the Autoscale -> Auto-Heal Broken Host a new status be added to cover the "AVD session host not found" situation?
Each day i find VM's in this state and i need to delete them by hand.
Deleting them automaticlly would be handy 


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Brian Mock

I've started running into this randomly during nightly re-image tasks (not every day) and requires manual intervention.

Eden Allen
(Edited )

+1 for this - caused us issues on three occasions now and with no auto-heal criteria which seem to cover this scenario. In all cases, the hosts seemed fine in Azure and were online and joined to the host pool, with stats visible in Insights etc.

Not escalated to support yet as I wanted to see if it happened again after some of the API improvements in recent updates, but even if the issue reduces, it's a failure mode which should be covered by auto-heal.

Sander Slagter

+1 for this issue, starts popping up more and more.


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