Schedule removal of host from pool

Sometimes I add a host to a pool so that I can move users to a working pool host because the current one is having issues. This procedure allows me to just have the users log off then back on but sometimes not all users get out quickly, so I have to deactivate the host then delete it the following day. If I could schedule it to delete at midnight, I would not have to pay for the time it is inactive. It could either be a calendar schedule like we do for the full reimage or a delay in hours like we do for turning on a golden image.




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Dave Stephenson

This is a great idea and related to a few other enhancement requests.
The problem is we can schedule at the host pool level, but not at the individual host level.

If you select the checkbox next to the host(s), and then choose the Select bulk action (dropdown), you can choose to delete the host on a schedule. It's a workaround until they add your great suggestion, Moses Hull!


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