Removing or preventing duplicate RMM agents

We use ConnectWise Automate. I have a script to install on VM's when they're created and uninstall on VM's when they're destroyed. But Automate doesn't remove the agent in its database. When a Host Pool VM gets destroyed and re-created during auto-scaling, we get several duplicates in Automate. Have any of your other clients run into this problem? Have you seen a solution to this with some sort of combo of NERDIO scripts and Automate script?

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Dave Stephenson

If you find a solution to this, we'd be interested in it.
We reached out to CW support on this, and they basically told us, "Not our problem".

I'm thinking if you can get a runbook to connect to the CW Automate DB and look for a duplicate name (with the same public IP address) and then only keep the agent with the latest check-in date, that may get you what you're wanting. Where it's going to get difficult is if you don't keep the same name when auto-scaling.


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