NMM Intune physical device charges coming April 1st

In the NMM 3.11.0 release notes, there is a note: "Starting April 1st, NMM will start charging for users with only physical devices managed by Intune". Was this announced anywhere else? What is the cost and how do we prevent Intune physical devices from being added to NMM?


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Gido Veekens

Hi Brian. We'll share some exiting details on this topic during NerdioCon, which happens to start tomorrow! We want to be very transparent about this. We'll only charge you if you've previously enable Intune for your customer accounts in the past (during the private preview). You will get notified in NMM if this applies to any of your customers. We'll start charging only if you will enable it explicitly. So, you're in full control.

Brian Burton

Thank you for the follow up Gido.
To confirm, if intune has been enabled per a client in the Nerdio Manager for MSP portal, Nerdio will start charging for this feature? If so, how much does it cost? Is it per a user or client? What additional features does this include?

Thank you,


Brian Burton

Will Ominsky

Hi Brian, here is a letter you should have received today if you have Intune enabled in your Nerdio Manager for MSP portal:

You are receiving this notice as you are currently a customer of Nerdio Manager for MSP . Last month at our NerdioCon conference, Nerdio announced exciting new features designed to help you manage your non-virtual-desktop-based customers with Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based suite of tools providing device and endpoint management. 

On April 1st, 2023, this Nerdio Manager for MSP enhanced Intune functionality will be launched into General Availability (GA) and will include cross-tenant Intune management, global Intune policy management, pre-built Intune policies, physical device management, Intune application management, and much more. To date, all this has been provided at no additional cost while the features and functionality were in private preview.  

When updating Nerdio Manager for MSP to v3.11.0 in February, you should have seen a pop-up within the platform notifying you that starting April 1st, 2023 we will begin charging $3/named user for Intune-only functionality. If your end-user already has a Nerdio Manager for MSP license for either Azure Virtual Desktop or Windows 365, there is no additional cost. This change in price only impacts users in customers' accounts that have the Intune functionality turned on for that account and no existing virtual desktop.  

Thank you for your continued partnership. We have included FAQs (frequently asked questions) below that shares more details about the changes occurring next month. 


What action do I need to take before April 1, 2023? 

Turn/leave on the Intune functionality if you would like to manage Intune users via Nerdio Manager for MSP. For accounts with Intune already enabled that you do not wish to manage or be charged the Nerdio Intune license, go into that account, navigate to Settings > Integrations, and disable the Intune functionality.  

When will I see these billing changes? 

Metering of Intune licenses will begin on April 1st, 2023 and will be included in your May invoice.  

How do you count Intune users for billing? 

Users count for billing and will be charged $3 per Intune license if they have the below without an existing Nerdio AVD or Windows 365 license.  

  • an assigned Microsoft 365 license that entitles the user to Intune 
  •  Intune functionality turned on in Nerdio Manager for MSP  

Do my Partnerd benefit discounts extend to Intune in NMM? 

Yes, if you are receiving a percentage discount via the Nerdio Partnerd program you will receive the same percentage discount off the standard $3/Intune user/mo license.  

Please feel free to reach out to your Partner Success Manager (PSM) with any questions or concerns. 


Can Nerdio please the charges clear when an MSP enables the Intune integration feature.  It's not obvious how the billing works for Intune-only users.


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