Scripted Actions - Schedule Management

Scripted Actions - Schedule Management

Nerdio Manager allows you to manage existing scheduled scripted actions. This includes editing the scripted action (schedule, parameters, etc.), performing a manual run of the scripted action, and removing the current schedule.

The management feature can be utilized in the following areas:

  • Server run script

  • Host Pool run script

  • MSP- and Account-level desktop image power on

  • MSP- and Account-level desktop image set as image

  • MSP- and Account-level Azure Runbook (schedule or run now)

To manage scheduled scripted actions:

Note: The following instructions use the host pool run script as an example. The same procedure can be used for any of the areas noted above.

  1. Locate the item with a scheduled task, as noted by the alarm clock icon.

  2. Select the alarm clock icon.

  3. Select the job name.

  4. Perform any of the following actions:

    • I want to remove current schedule: Select this option, and then select Delete, to remove the current schedule.

    • I want to run this task once with current selection: Select this option, and the select Run now and close, to perform a manual run of the scripted action.

      Note: The manual run does not affect the existing schedule.

    • Edit any of the scripted action's parameters. This includes the Windows scripts and Azure Runbooks, the schedule, the credentials, etc.

      Note: Be sure to select Save once you have entered all the desired changes.

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