Overview of Nerdio Manager Version Numbers

Overview of Nerdio Manager Version Numbers

Tip: We release software updates to Nerdio Manager on regular basis. It is imperative that you update your install of Nerdio Manager to the latest version as soon as possible.

This article explains the version numbers and the philosophy behind the numbering scheme. We follow the Semantic Versioning scheme for our software releases. This consists of three blocks of numbers x.y.z, where x is the major version, y is the minor version, and z is the hotfix version. For example:

4.2.1: Major (4), Minor (2), Hotfix (1)

  • Major Version: The major version number is generally updated when we release a major new feature or there are breaking changes from previous versions.

    Note: Breaking changes are very rare. We will provide warnings in our release notes if and when there are breaking changes.

  • Minor Version: The minor version is generally updated during our regularly scheduled software releases.

  • Hotfix: A hotfix is an item that can't wait for our regularly scheduled release. Hotfixes are bug fixes or small enhancements to Nerdio Manager to prevent users from making mistakes in the product. All hotfixes are rolled up in to the next minor version release; and all minor version releases are rolled up in to the next major version release.

We timestamp each release by publishing the date the release was made publicly available. This is for historical reference and not part of the version number. Additionally, each release has a "Status" to indicate if the release is in private preview, public preview, or generally available (GA). This allows us to control who has access to a release. The status is not part of the versioning scheme either.

Note: Internally, we may maintain a fourth number block for code builds we do during the dev/QA cycle. This fourth number is generally not shared publicly and can be ignored by our partner and user community.

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