What Is an Internal Use License (IUL)?

What Is an Internal Use License (IUL)?

Nerdio partners can take advantage of Nerdio's Internal Use License (IUL) program. The IUL program allows a Nerdio partner to get free Nerdio resources for their own use within their organization. We want our partners to have complete confidence in the product they are selling to their customers by using it for themselves.

The IUL program works as follows:

  • A partner can designate any one of the Nerdio Manager accounts as an IUL account.

  • A partner can designate a Nerdio Manager account as an IUL account by selecting Set IUL on the Accounts window:

  • A partner can designate another Nerdio Manager account as the IUL account at any point.

  • The ability to designate an account as IUL account is available to MSP Admins only. It is not available to the partner’s MSP Help Desk, MSP Sales, or MSP Billing Admin user roles.

  • When an IUL account is destroyed, it is up to the partner to designate another account as an IUL.

  • A partner will receive 10 free desktop users in the one IUL account.

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