What VM Sizes Are Available?

What VM Sizes Are Available?

Nerdio is frequently asked the following questions about VM sizes:

  • Is there a policy that limits which VM sizes are available when adding a server or a Host Pool?

  • Do we show all VM series in Nerdio Manager?

  • How does Nerdio Manager query available VM sizes for a subscription or region?

The sizes shown in the VM Size drop-down list are what is available for your Azure subscription and region. The Nerdio Manager app uses the URL shown below to get a list of available VM sizes:


If any VM size is not available for a subscription or region, it doesn't appear in the list. At times, even if a VM size is available in a specific Azure region, it cannot be used due to the subscription having restrictions on a particular size. In such cases, we show the VM size in the drop-down list, but don't allow users to select it (the VM size is disabled).

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