Pre-stage Auto-scale Schedules

Pre-stage Auto-scale Schedules

Nerdio Manager allows you to configure multiple auto-scale pre-stage settings to ramp up host pool capacity during certain days of the week and times of days. The custom pre-stage schedule day selection can be set based on preset date ranges (for example, Monday-Friday) or by selecting one or more individual days of the week. For example, in education environments, multiple schedules can be used to turn on session hosts based on predefined class schedules for different grades.

To configure the pre-stage auto-scale schedules:

  1. At the Account level, navigate to AVDHost Pools.

  2. Locate the host pool you wish to work with.

  3. From the action menu, select Auto-scaleConfigure.

  4. Enter the following Pre-Stage Hosts information:

    • Use Multiple Schedules: Select this option to enable multiple, non-overlapping pre-staging schedules to be used.

      Note: This is not available for the Available Sessions trigger when During Work Hours option is specified.

    • Set all hosts to running OS disk type: When selected, all stopped host VM OS disks are converted to running disk type specified above in the template section.

      Note: This is necessary to ensure that if a VM is started via Azure Start VM on Connect that it has the correct, high-performance disk type.

    • Time Zone: From the drop-down list, select the time zone when pre-stage times should be scheduled.

    • Work Days: From the drop-down list, select the work days when pre-stage tasks should be run.

    • Start of Work Hours: From the drop-down select the starting hour when pre-stage tasks should be run.

    • Host to be Active by Start of Work Hours: Type the number of session hosts that should be ready to accept user connections by this time.

    • Scale In Delay: From the drop-down list, select a delay to restrict scale in operations after the start of work hours. Pre-staged hosts are not scaled in during this time even if they are unused.

    • Notify if isn't done: Type the email addresses, separated by commas, to receive notification if pre-stage hosts task does not execute properly.

  5. SeeAuto-scale Settings for Host Pools for additional details.

    Note: You can leverage the User-Driven scaling mode to scale out using Start VM on Connect and scale in based on the lack of sessions on session host VMs. You can also combine the User-Driven scaling mode with pre-stage schedules to improve the user's sign in experience during sign in storms and leverage scale in time restrictions.

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