Overview of Host Pools Azure Capacity Extender

Overview of Host Pools Azure Capacity Extender

Nerdio Manager allows administrators to specify additional VM sizes in the event that sufficient resources are not available in the Azure region to complete various tasks with the preferred VM size. This enables you to overcome Azure compute capacity limits by specifying multiple fallback VM sizes for use if the capacity is exhausted for your preferred VM size in the region. This ensures that hosts creation, auto-scale, auto-grow, and auto-heal operations do not fail due to Azure capacity constraints.

To configure host pool Azure capacity extender settings:

  1. At the Account level, navigate to AVD > Host Pools.

  2. Locate the host pool you wish to work with.

  3. From the action menu, select PropertiesAzure Capacity Extender.

    Note: You may filter the available choices by using the Resource Selection Rules. For example, you may filter the VM Size or OS Disk choices for Intel RAM-optimized VMs only. See Resource Selection Rules Management for details.

  4. Enter the following information:.

    • Enable Azure Capacity Extender: Toggle on this option to enable this feature.

    • Host Pool Default VM Size: This VM size to be used, whenever possible, during Start and Create VM operations.

      Note: This is for reference only and cannot be changed here.

    • Alternate Preference VM Sizes: From the drop-down list, select the fallback VM size(s) to be used, in sequence, if the default preferred VM size is not available.


      • Please ensure that you select VM sizes that match the resources of your preferred VM size. Using VM sizes with different resource profiles may impact user performance.

      • The icon indicates that the size and/or cost differs significantly from the default host pool VM size.

      • You may drag & drop the alternate VM sizes to changes the order.

    • Use Intelligent Azure Capacity Extender: Select this option to enable the Intelligent Azure Capacity Extender feature.

      Note:Nerdio Manager dynamically selects the appropriate resources in the event of a capacity issue with your default machine size. The VM size selection is dynamically based on the current running configured size of the virtual machines in the pool.

  5. Once you have entered all the desired information, select Save or Save & close.

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