How do I Whitelabel Nerdio Manager?

How do I Whitelabel Nerdio Manager?

Nerdio Manager provides our partners with a unique feature to whitelabel and rebrand Nerdio Manager as their own.

To whitelabel Nerdio Manager:

  1. At the MSP level, navigate to SettingsWhitelabel.

  2. Enter the following information:

    • Themes: From the drop-down list, select the desired theme.

      Note: This changes the theme colors for all users in the Nerdio Manager portal.

    • For Custom theme, enter the following:

      • Primary Color: This changes the color for section headings, selected menu items, and other similar elements.

      • Secondary Color: This changes the color for highlighted menu items and other similar elements.

      • Links Color: Select the colors to represent links, on-hover effect, and to indicate danger or grab a user's attention.

    • Logo: Upload your company's logo to replace the logo displayed in the upper-left corner of the Nerdio Manager portal, and in email notifications sent to end-users and admins.

      Note: By default, the Nerdio logo is set as the logo for your Nerdio Manager portal.

    • Favicon: Upload a favicon image file to replace the favicon displayed for Nerdio Manager in the browser.

    • Help Center URL: Type the website's URL a Nerdio Manager user is redirected to when the "Help" icon in the upper right is selected.

    • App Name: Type the name of the application to use in email notifications and various areas of the application.

  3. Once you have entered the desired information, select Apply.


    • You can view the status of whitelabel settings in Whitelabel Settings Tasks. You can search tasks by any text in the tasks or filter tasks by status. You can refresh tasks and also download them in JSON format.

    • Select Reset to default to reset the whitelabel settings to their defaults.

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