Nerdio Manager Partner API - Use Swagger to make API Calls

Nerdio Manager Partner API - Use Swagger to make API Calls

The Nerdio Manager Partner API allows MSPs to automate various actions in Nerdio Manager via APIs that they can do via the Nerdio Manager portal. For example, MSPs can create and manage host pools, session hosts, and desktop images all via APIs.

This article discusses how you can try out the API feature and make test calls using Swagger.

Navigate to the Swagger Site

You can navigate to the Swagger site from Nerdio Manager.

To navigate to the Swagger site:

  1. In Nerdio Manager, at the MSP level, navigate to SettingsIntegrations.

  2. In the REST API tile, select swagger to open the Swagger site for your install of Nerdio Manager.

    Note: If the Current status is Disabled, you must enable it. See Nerdio Manager Partner API - Getting Started for details.

Authorize Swagger

You must first perform an authorization before you can execute API calls from Swagger.

To authorize Swagger:

  1. In Swagger, on the main page, select Authorize.

  2. Enter the client_id and client_secret you obtained when you enabled API.

  3. Once you have entered all the required information, select Authorize.

    Note: Once you successfully authorize Swagger, you are returned to the Swagger site and the green lock next to Authorize shows it is locked. You are now ready to start making API calls.

Perform a Test API Call

An easy way to get started is to call the Test API.

To perform the Test API call:

  1. In Swagger, on the main page, in the Test API, select Try it out.

    Note: This API does not accept any parameters, therefore the Parameters section says "No parameters."

  2. Select Execute.

  3. Once the API call completes, review the information presented in the Responses section.

    Note: You can now try out the other API endpoints. Each API accepts different parameters and the response for each API are different.

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