Overview of Global Search Bar

Overview of Global Search Bar

At the top of every page, the Global Search Bar allows you to search for resources, objects, and settings, and to quickly navigate to your desired location.

Important Notes

  • Select the desired account(s) to include in the search. Optionally, select select all or unselect all to select/unselect all the accounts.

  • Select the desired resource(s) to include in the search.

    Note: By default, Sessions and RemoteApps are not selected. This is because, in general, they take a long time to return search results.

  • You must type at least 3 characters to start the search.

  • For Users and Groups, Nerdio Manager uses Microsoft's Graph API to retrieve the list of users and groups. The API has the following limitation, as shown in this example:

    • If you search for M365, the search returns everything that has "M365" regardless of where the word "M365" appears. For example, "East Coast M365 Users" or "M365 Group."

    • If you search for 365, that is, you only search using a part of the middle of the word, the search does NOT return anything related to "M365", "O365", etc. It only returns items with that start with "365" such as "365 Group" or "The 365 Group".

  • Select any search result to navigate to that resource, object, or setting.

  • Optionally, if you have a large number of accounts, you can adjust the height of the Accounts list section.

  • The search remembers your last selections.

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