Troubleshoot FSLogix Profile Not Updating

Troubleshoot FSLogix Profile Not Updating

You may come across a situation where a user profile is not updating with the latest changes. It might be something as simple as adding a signature to Outlook, saving documents, adding icons to the desktop, or customization within a specific program.

To resolve the FSLogix profile not updating issue:

  1. Have the specific user sign out of any session.

  2. Go to each host and use Windows profile management to delete the profile from the host.

  3. Go to the user's directory and delete the local_user folder.

  4. Have the user sign back in to the pool.

  5. Create a new txt file on the desktop.

  6. Have the user sign out and back in to confirm the file still exists.

  7. Confirm on the user's active session host that two file folders exist for the user (one should be the local_user).

    If you see both file folders, the problem is resolved and the user profile should start pushing updates again.

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