Troubleshoot VM not found in Linked Resource Groups

Troubleshoot VM not found in Linked Resource Groups

When viewing session host VMs in a host pool, you may see the following message:

VM not found in the linked resource groups.

If the session host VM does not exist in Azure, there may be a stale record in the Nerdio Manager database. Removing that record should solve the error.

To resolve the "VM not found in linked resource groups" error:

  1. In the Azure portal, confirm the session host VM does not exist.

  2. In Nerdio Manager, at the Account level, navigate to AVDHost Pools.

  3. Select the host pool with the session host VM in error.

  4. Locate the session host VM and from the action menu select Delete.

  5. Select Remove AVD record only.

  6. Type CONFIRM and then select OK.

    The error message should no longer be displayed.

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