The 5 questions we ask at Nerdio and you should too!

I'll kick off this category with some troubleshooting tips based on the 5 questions we commonly ask partners (and a gif of course!).   Often here in support, we'll see requests that are not Nerdio function related or errors in Nerdio.  With these falling outside of Nerdio and our reach in support, we try to provide guidance for partners leading them to resolution.  Here are the 5 common questions we'll ask partners that help with investigation and troubleshooting. Asking these questions internally may help with those issues outside the reach of Nerdio, expediting investigation and ultimately resolution:

#1 Is there an error message? 

Specifics of an error message, no matter where it is occurring, can definitely help in nearly every case.  If a user is reporting an error, get the specifics, a screenshot or copy of the error gives you the chance to work your "google-fu" and research the message.   Try not to take "I can't login, I'm getting an error" as your data to work with.

#2 Is the issue occurring for all users or a single user?

This is a great way to narrow down an issue to something user/profile/device-specific vs something globally environmental.   I'm a big fan of having a test account in every customer environment as a means to replicate reported issues.  This user can have their desktop assignment removed when not in use to avoid any Nerdio license consumption and re-applied as needed.  There's no cost to have a test user there.  Make that test user a standard user, not a domain admin, test as a standard user.  

#3 Can you replicate the issue reported from your location?

This is a good test when users report slowness or disconnect from an AVD session.  Try to replicate this as that same user if possible or a test user from your device.  This may help isolate this to that user's device/ISP/Network. You can also rule out the Remote Desktop Client as a culprit by testing via the AVD HTML portal HERE

#4 What changed?

If something was working yesterday and not today, what changed?  Recently I covered change log recording for desktop images via NMM and building timelines using NMM logs in our monthly webinar.  You can find that HERE.   Changelogs are critical and great MSPs track everything. 

#5 Can you replicate this on a fresh host?

Along the same lines of "what changed?", replicating the issue on a fresh host provisioned from your desktop image or from a "vanilla" marketplace image can help isolate this to either a host issue/change (maybe it just needs a reboot) on the host if the fresh host from image is working or the image itself if you can't replicate this on a marketplace image.  

Hopefully, these help in your troubleshooting, and don't be surprised if you see these questions come from our team in the future.  We're all playing detective here on a daily basis and asking the right questions will help solve those cases!

I couldn't leave you without another gif about asking the right questions...


Chuck M.

Solutions Support Manager here @ Nerdio



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