Cost estimator - Add the functionality to calculate an windows vm with microsoft sql server

Hey Team,

it would be great to receive the option in the cost estimator, to calculate a windows vm with an microsoft sql server. 

Just like in the Microsoft Azure Calculator, please see screenshot attached.

Thank you!


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Dave Stephenson

I'm all for adding feature parity between the Azure Calculator and the NMM Cost Estimator, but I'm curious your use-case for this.
Is it for those customers who want the flexibility to cancel their subscription at any time or they don't "trust" your company yet and don't want to commit to a year+ upfront?

As far as I've seen, CSP SQL licensing is cheaper for you (and your customer) than PAYG with Azure.
Tony Cai wrote a blog post about it last year.
A Guide to Azure SQL Server Pricing | Nerdio (

Similarly, you can do the same thing with OS license and utilize Azure Hybrid Benefit to save you money.
How to Save Money on the Microsoft Azure List Price   - Nerdio (


Christian Weidlich

Hey Dave,

thank you for your response!

first of all it would help to build an exact calculation, which it can be done via the Azure calculator. This would help in transparency, when there will be a comparison with other calcuations - like from another MSP.

Thank you for your hints regarding the blogpost from Tony, I will have a look at it!


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