Using '-' in AVD image name - fails validation

When attempting to validate an image, we have run into some situations where we cannot perform the validation due to the last character being a hyphen (-).
An example of the error message:
Error: Resource name val-ABCDE- is invalid. The name can be up to 80 characters long. It must begin with a word character, and it must end with a word character or with '_'. The name may contain word characters or '.', '-', '_'.

Is this a limitation of Azure or Nerdio? Can the validation process do a check on the name and handle anything with a trailing hyphen, or other unsupported trailing character?


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Dave Stephenson

Robert Reid reported the same issue/limitation back in March and from what I remember it's a limitation of the Nerdio Image Validation process.

As far as I remember (when I tested it), it's just the validation that fails. Azure and NMM both let you have the image name, but the temporary VM that's created during the validation process is failing on the name check.

The only work around, that I know of, is to change your image naming scheme to fit the NMM Image Validation limitations until Nerdio is able to patch the issue. 😞
Not ideal, but still better than not having the peace of mind that your images will boot when deployed. 🙂


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