FSLogix download directory for users

 We have are looking into potentionally onboarding a law firm into Avd.
The paralegals in the lawfirm at times have a large amount of data to be downloaded depending on the case.
Some times they can have the need to download about 20 GB or even 40 GB worth of case data to process into their document management system.

Would be the best setup to prevent the fslogix profile disk for the paralegals to not get full when downloading via browser the case data.


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Dave Stephenson

I've never had that particular use-case before, but I can think of a few different options that may work better than excluding them from having FSLogix profiles. 
(These are in no particular order, but just as the ideas of how I would try to handle it came to me 😆)

  • Exclude the downloads directory from the FSLogix profile and clear the local temporary download files each night/at logoff
  • Direct the Downloads directory to a different drive and have pretty strict retention policies
  • Increase their FSLogix Profile Size to 100 GB to handle the download sizes
  • Add a step to their process (either a manual step or an automated step) to clean-up their downloads folder throughout the day as the files are uploaded into the Doc Mgmt System

I'm sure there are other ways to do it, but those are the few that came to mind.


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