Exclude accounts from Role Assignments

We want to exclude specific accounts from certain role assignments while allowing them access to all other customers automatically, without needing to manually add newly created customers to these role assignments.

Instead of simply adding accounts to a role, which would require manual updates whenever a new customer is added, it would be more efficient if the role could encompass "All" by default, while also referencing an exclusion list where specific accounts can be excluded as needed.


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Dave Stephenson

Welcome to the community, Hampus Dellenstedt 🙂!

I love seeing all of these recent posts about permissions/security/RBAC (see Permissions exclusions and more granularity – Nerdio Help Center (getnerdio.com)).

You've got a great idea where it'd be nice to automatically include access to all new accounts except ones that are excluded.
It'll likely take a major overhaul to make it happen, but it would definitely be nice to have this option.

Marcos Artiaga

Hi Hampus Dellenstedt! Marcos with Nerdio here. This is actually something I hear more frequently from partners, even if it is just "access to everyone, except our internal environment". I will keep passing this information to our product team and maybe we see it in a future release!

Hampus Dellenstedt

Marcos Artiaga That is exactly why we want that feature. However, we also see the need to exclude not just the internal environment but also other accounts or create roles to manage specific groups of accounts. Therefore, a more flexible way of setting up roles and accounts would be highly beneficial.


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