Azure Capacity Extender - Return to Default SKU & clear order sequence of booting alternate SKU

Nerdio has our back today when confronted with Azure Capacity Exhaustion, but we can improve this feature even more:

Improvements I would propose for Nerdio Capacity Extender:

  1. At every boot, try to boot to the Default configured SKU FIRST instead of the alternative SKU.
  2. We need a clear Order Sequence for the alternative SKU’s.

For Example:
Default SKU: E4as_v5
Alternate SKU 1: E4bs_v5
Alternate SKU 2: B8as_v2

  • Always try to boot the Default SKU(E4as_v5)
  • If exhausted, try Alternate SKU 1 (E4bs_v5)
  • If also exhausted, try Alternate SKU 2 (B8as_v2)
  • Next day during next boot by auto-scale, try the Default SKU first (E4as_v5) instead of booting the alternate SKU.

Today, Nerdio just randomly choses a SKU and stays on that alternate SKU although Auto-Scale does a shutdown/startup procedure everyday by the pre-staged configured schedule.

Thanks for taking this into consideration.



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