Implementing Intune Policies with NMM - Video Guide

Hello Intune Community!

I wanted to share a video that was recently produced by our amazing and knowledgeable sales Engineer, Chris Plouffe.  The video walks you through creating a policy in the Microsoft Intune admin center and then delivering it at scale via Nerdio Manager for MSP. 

Please let me know your thoughts and if you would like to see similar videos brought here to the community on this topic or other topics.


Thank you all!


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Kevin Murray

To add to what Carl Long is saying, new in version 5.x are recovery services for all of your Intune policies.  Check out this KB to ensure you have safeguards around your policies.

Dave Stephenson

This is great, Carl Long!
Quick, bite-sized, and informative. I'm looking forward to more in the future.
The one thing I saw that was missing (it's probably already planned for the next video in the series) is assigning the policy/ies to groups in the account once they are assigned to the account.

Chris Plouffe

Hey everyone!  Thanks Carl.

Yes, let us know other topics/videos we can create to help everyone out.



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