Bastion Host Alerts/Reporting

  Would it be possible to add an alert or be able to report on Bastion hosts running in any environments at the MSP level? I would like a way to find any Azure Bastions running and potentially create a cleanup action to remove them if they have been running for over 48 hours.


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Dave Stephenson

Welcome to the community, Andrew Russell 🙂!

This is a great idea. I could see if beneficial for other servers/hosts that only run on as needed basis.
Maybe Nerdio could add a flag or a tag that would allow us to have an Azure Runbook to clean-up anything based on that flag/tag?

Worse case, you could probably make your own Azure Runbook and have it run on a schedule one or twice a day outside of Nerdio until Nerdio is able to add this feature.


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