Active Idle Reporting

Can we get a report that calculates how much time a user spends Active over idle time in a given period? Something like the included picture.


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Dave Stephenson

This is a great idea!
However, I'm guessing something like this would need to be done from a data warehouse where you're able to store data and see trends.
As far as I know, Microsoft isn't storing the collective idle time per user for it to be queried with KQL or Nerdio.
Although, I have been proven wrong on these forums many times before, so I hope I'm wrong again. 😅🤞

I wonder if this topic/request may have come up at one of the Advanced Training Camps? Maybe the API one?

Jason Bridgeman

I know that Nerdio is tracking this, just not storing it.
We can see this data in the AVD User Sessions tab. It knows when we are idle or active and for how long.
Maybe store it in the individual tenants LAW or create a new storage space within the MSP tenant to store the data.
Same goes for other reports. Like the user login report. There is no way to view previous days reports. There should be a way to store that data. What I have been doing is just scheduling the report to run daily and email that report. Then I have a history of those reports in my mailbox.

Dave Stephenson

Hmm, great idea, Jason Bridgeman! I didn't even think about the possibility of having a LAW per Account/Tenant or at the MSP level. Nerdio could start storing that kind of data on a rolling 30-90 day window, but the cost ($2.30/GB/Day) could add-up pretty quickly depending on the number of users using AVDs.

I'm guessing Nerdio is grabbing the connection/idle time real time from the user's session information on the Host and that's why it isn't being stored, right now.

If you're already emailing yourself those reports, you could probably easily setup a Power Automate flow to capture that info and dump it in a SharePoint list that you could then parse with Power BI, a PowerApp, or something similar. It would help to keep the costs down, but still give you the ability to report on the information.
But, I'm getting off-topic from your original ask (having Nerdio be able to provide that information as part of their NMM solution) 🤣. Sorry about that.


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