Multi-tenant Log view shows no tenants

I wish this was as apparent to the Nerdio programmers as it is to anyone in the MSP space. A muti-tenant view should be just that: a view that shows multiple tenants. Now if you are following like most logical humans, that view would have a way to identify each tenant. If it didn't, what would be the purpose of the view? I can't think of a single scenario where I need to see a combined view of my tenants logs, but I don't know which tenant it's from. "An AVD failed to deploy, perfect let me check across all my tenants until I find which one failed" is not how anyone thinks. 

Nerdio support suggests I can filter the view by selecting a tenant in the dropdown instead of viewing "all accounts". In this mode its a single tenant view and I can do that from within the tenant.

I ask, why even give us the multi-tenant logs in the first place if they are useless?




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