Installing Ninja Agents Scripted Actions - Download URL

We are a Ninja RMM shop, and in all of our environments I leverage scripted actions to install a Ninja agent on everything - servers and hosts. If you use Ninja, you've probably realized every so often that the URL you get for an agent download fails, and you've got to update it for every environment variable to get the scripted action back working again.  The worst part is you probably don't notice until the agent didn't install and you're looking into why...

My resolution was to use my own blob store, and just keep my own repo of Ninja agents for each AVD client there that I can call back to the URL on.  This was before the UAM came out, but you could alternatively leverage your private repo and call the URL there for the download.

Hopefully this helps somebody finding themselves in a similar situation.



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Adam Baldwin

One other thing I find to be a huge benefit - by installing the Ninja agent and becoming part of our RMM system, then it gets treated the same as every other physical and virtual machine we have out there.  Ninja installs installs our tools, monitors resources, etc.  This way our security stack doesn't have to be duplicated and it falls under a single pane of glass.

Travis Lamming

Adam, great idea. Thank you! We've found the same on how the agent drops off. I wish they were more permanent, thats a good solution.


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