Rolling Re-image Feature

   Curious what feedback would be from you, the partners, on this feature idea. We do see many strategies when it comes to rolling out an updated image.  Would there be a use case/benefit for a "rolling" re-image?  The idea is that you may have a small image update to roll out, but not much of a maintenance windows to apply this.  In this case, I was thinking you can set a “rolling re-image”  that would be a one-time re-image of used hosts.  Similar to the option in auto-scale to re-image used hosts, but this this can be used for those who do not auto-scale or for personal dynamic pools.  After setting a "rolling re-image", the AVD host would be re-image after the last user logs off from the host.

This can then give you the ability to slowly roll something out without a big maintenance window.   Along with this, I think it would be beneficial to have a report of the “rolling re-image” status, giving a visual on how many hosts haven’t received the updated image.  Please chime in with any feedback or agreement with a need for this feature. 


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Dave Stephenson

Yes, please!
This is something we have wanted for a bit where we can set a host, group of hosts, or an entire host pool, to reimage after the last user logs-off. 
Like you mentioned, when we can't get a maintenance window scheduled, this would be a great option to get updates deployed.

Douglas Bradshaw

I connected to ask for this exact feature! There it was at the top of the list! 

I will ad to this. Make a button on the host pool for re-image. When that opened you can schedule a re-image or do a "Smart" reimage.

The smart re-image would then re-image all the unused host pools. After that is done, it will start rolling image updates as users are disconnected. This intelligence will try to connect all new connections to updated hosts. 

Martijn Van Braeckel

Adding to this, It might be possible you where able to re-image some hosts in a host pool earlier because they where unused at that moment.
If the "smart" reimage option could automatically exclude those host from the re-imaging job that would be awesome.


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