FSLogix App Masking: Errors during logon

We were recently working on a customer project where we needed to use app masking to have Adobe Acrobat 2017 and Bluebeam Review 20 be installed ont he same host, but only have people who are licensed for Bluebeam see Bluebeam and those licensed for Adobe see Adobe.

The out of the box FSLogix/Nerdio App Masking logic worked great for the Adobe users, but Bluebeam users were receiving this error when they would logon:

Digging into the error, it looked like there was a registry key that was causing the problem.
HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\{AC76BA86-0000-0000-7760-7E8A45000000}

It seems like that "Installed Components" registry key is where all of the "Personalized Settings" are stored.

Once we masked the registry key, the error went away!
Hopefully, this can help someone else out if they are going down the FSLogix App Masking path. 🙂



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Chuck Ciecka

Curious to know if you found a solution for this and if you are seeing horrible performance in AVD. 

Dave Stephenson

Welcome to the community, Chuck Ciecka 🙂!

This post was about a solution we put in place for the problem.
The Windows Personalization (Registry) Settings aren't impacted by FSLogix App Masking (by default). 
As far as those settings are concerned, it sees any and all applications that are installed and trying to "personalize" it for the person logging in.
We didn't test it with other applications, but I'm guessing if your users received a similar error message, the same thing would work for them.

I didn't seen any performance issues (in my testing) and no users reported any slowness from having the rules applied to them.
I'm guessing they might have reported a problem if it was something like App Attach (see Nerdio & Microsoft) where the application wasn't being hosted locally, but where it was just "hiding"/masking the application, there wasn't any noticeable performance problems.


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