AVD Host Pool CPU

Intel or AMD?  I feel like this question is as old as time.

We're looking to optimize out host pools for the maximum performance and user density on each host while minimizing costs.  I understand that AMD CPUs are cheaper than their Intel counterparts, however, is this savings negated by AMD not being able to accomodate as many users on a host?  Is one better than the other for generic office workloads ina multi-session environment?

I've spoken with other MSPs and some people at Nerdio at NerdioCon last year (shoutout to Will and Tony for sharing their expertise) and the general consensus is that AMD is better for servers and Intel is better for session hosts.  Does this still hold true?  Anyone willing to share their experiences?


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Dave Stephenson

I know we've never compared the two for performance, but I've been an "Intel Guy" since the beginning of my computer building experiences so that may leave me a little more biased. 😆

Where we notice the biggest performance difference is with the generational improvements (i.e. v3 vs v5).

I'm also interested to see if anyone else has noticed big performance differences between the SKUs.


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