Schedule Load Balancing Method By Business Hours/After Hours

Would like to be able to have the load balancing method be triggered on a schedule (certain hours) so that we could schedule say a morning login storm to be breadth based and then after the peak go back to depth so that scaling down hosts is more controlled, and costs can be minimised.


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Dave Stephenson

Hey, Trisitan.
You could look into the "Rolling Drain Mode" feature.
I believe it can do what you're wanting.

Rolling Drain Mode (AVD Demo of the Day) (

It's been in NME (Nerdio Enterprise) for a bit, but it's in private preview of NMM (Nerdio MSP).
If you want to try it, I believe you can reach out to your Nerdio Partner Sales Executive and they could likely get you added to the preview.


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