Policy Management Limitations

It seems like as of right know the Intune policy management feature is limited to assigning existing policies to users or groups, but you cannot create or edit policies from NMM. Is that the case?


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Gido Veekens

Hi Chaim. There's actually a lot more to policy management. NMM does have a JSON editor to edit polices, however we suggest using it for small changes only. Besides assigning and editing NMM also offer versioning, changelogs, variable support, drift tracking and much more. We ship a large number of policies with the product that you can use out-of-the-box. These are read-only and, which might explain why you don't see the option to edit.

However, many partners prefer to use their own set of policies that they use as a baseline for their customers. No problem! You can easily (bulk) import these policies from an existing tenant. NMM will indicate when the source policy in Intune has been changed, so you can easily update them to the latest without the need to edit the JSON.

I also want to highlight we've recently added the ability to group your policies into a Policy Baseline. This prevents the need to manage them one-by-one and offers a status report that lets you keep track of drift between the actual state in your customer's tenant and your desired state. If you want to know more, I suggest starting here:

Intune Policy: MSP-level General Management – Nerdio Help Center (getnerdio.com)
Intune Policy: MSP-level Advanced Management – Nerdio Help Center (getnerdio.com)


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