On demand 'Refresh image from Azure Marketplace'


In the 'Set as image' action, you have the option to 'Refresh image from Azure Marketplace'.
This is possible in the schedule section.

A useful feature for us would be to have the option to Refresh from marketplace from the dropdown menu without selecting 'Set as image'. It would be even better if we could do this with the REST API. Then we could rebuild our imaging device without removing the desktop image resulting the removal of the image definition.

We use REST API to automate the image (re)creation, so it better matches our requirements and our company workflows. Right now, we have to remove our imaging device and re-create it from scratch. This causes us to lose previous images, because the delete action also erases the image definition from the compute gallery.

This feature would really simplify our automation.

Kind regards


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Dave Stephenson

Love the idea of automated image building!


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