Send a notification to users with outdated clients

I recently saw a LinkedIn post (sadly, I don't remember who posted it to be able to give them credit 😢) about Azure Virtual Desktop Insights and they mentioned Users with potentially outdated clients which got my mind thinking about adding automation around notifying users about a new potential client/version while they're in their AVD session.
It would be nice to be able to have NMM see those client versions and automatically send a notification/message to them in their AVD session when it's at a certain threshold (maybe an account or host pool setting?)
You're currently running a version of the Remote Desktop App that is 4 versions behind.
For the best Virtual Desktop experience, we recommend updating to the latest version by following THESE instructions.

This might need to wait until Jeremy Wallace's idea (AVD insights directly in NMM – Nerdio Help Center ( is implemented but would be a nice to have.


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