Blob Backup Policies

Using FSLogix with Cloud Cache and Azure Page Blobs is great but NMM has no built-in ability to apply Azure Backup Policies to the Page Blobs. This can be done manually however it would fit in well if a policy could be applied from within NMM.


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Dave Stephenson

Welcome to the community, Daniel Wolk!

I agree that being able to back up Page Blobs would be a nice feature.

How is your experience with Page Blobs/performance/cost?
I know we tested Blob storage when we were on our "100% Cloud AVD? – Nerdio Help Center" journey and had a lot of complaints about slowness.

Have you tried Tony's steps for AVD with AADJ (or Entra ID Join now)?
How to Use Azure Files with AADJ Method for AVD – Nerdio Help Center

Marcos Artiaga

Hey Daniel Wolk, I concur with Dave Stephenson here. We recommend using Azure files on Entra ID joined session hosts via the method described in that article. We have lots of partners using that successfully, and the performance is way better than using page blob! If you need help setting that up, feel free to reach out to your PSM here at Nerdio and we can get a call set up!


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