Server monitoring

It would be nice to have a feature to monitor if the server is available in Azure even if it is online and if it is unresponsive then reboot it. We had issues with two different clients now where server is online however due to some bug in MS it goes to unavailable, which means we cannot RDP into it or access any shares. Simple reboot fixes the issue. MS is investigating but they are taking forever on this problem and we are stuck to check it every morning and rebooting it manually. 


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Dave Stephenson

Welcome to the Community, aman.guliani! 🙂

If I understand correctly, you want something similar to the Auto-Heal Broken Hosts feature, but for Servers.
That's a great idea!
Maybe do a recurring Azure Runbook that checks to see if the server is unavailable and then reboots the host.
Until Nerdio can add that feature, you could likely create an Azure Runbook and schedule it as a recurring scripted action against the Server(s).


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