Configure Alerting for Session Host Pools

NMM does a fantastic job at surfacing the most critical data about a session host or pool, as it relates to high level performance.   However, the defacto method to get more granular monitoring and alerting is through Azure Monitor.  This would engage partners better to leverage tools the customer is already paying for, with very direct access to all of the key datapoints.   Surfacing a standardized method to configure at scale is likely valuable. 

I suspect it would be valuable if we could leverage Nerdio's experience to establish a best practive or 'default' set of Azure Monitor alerts for a session host pool (bonus points to do something similar for servers).    The idea being that we check a box during account setup or server/session host setup that says "Add default alerts through Azure Monitor" - with an option to select an action group or create a new one.   Maybe just create one if one doesn't exist?  Keep it simple for now...    From that point forward, in scope items get monitored by these alerts.   Extra win, is that engineers at Nerdio (with feedback from partners) likely have some great insights on threshholds to use when monitoring session hosts, beyond the traditional high cpu/memory/disk latency.   I think this would be very valuable for small or younger providers who don't have established standards or processes to engage with Azure Monitor instead of  (or augment) more traditional monitoring solutions. 

Extra bonus points to have a section in 'integrations' where one could define given profiles or defaults settings.   Maybe a global "monitor" profile, and that could then be customized per customer at the account level. 



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Dave Stephenson

(I also like the idea of extra bonus points 😆)

Maybe something like the Nerdio Intune Management where we could use Nerdio Templates or create a "golden" environment and copy those settings to other customer accounts. Although, that all is dependent on what's possible through the APIs. 🤞


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