Advanced (USB) Device Redirection in AVD

I recently saw a LinkedIn post (from John Kelbey at Microsoft) where he reposted a blog post (from John Wilson) about how to handle Advanced Device Redirection (i.e. document scanners, finger print readers, 3D Mice, etc.) (in AVD, W365, and RDS) 
Updated Blogpost link: Advanced Device Redirection (in AVD, W365, and RDS)  – Azure Advanced Migration (

Worth a read if you find yourself needing to redirect more than just keyboards, mice, and printers.

For those that are further along in their cloud migration journey, you can do the same thing with Intune Policies! 🤓

Or you can do it "The Nerdio Way" and turn the PowerShell (from the Blogpost) into a Nerdio Scripted Action.


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Marcos Artiaga

Hi Dave Stephenson Stephenson!I was actually reading this article recently and thought the same thing. I did write a bit of code to accomplish this, to be used as a scripted action:

# Define the registry path
$registryPath = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Services\Client"

# Set the first registry value
$valueName1 = "fUsbRedirectionEnableMode"
$valueData1 = 1

# Set the second registry value
$valueName2 = "fDisablePNPRedir"
$valueData2 = 0

# Check if the registry path exists, create it if not
if (-not (Test-Path $registryPath)) {
    New-Item -Path $registryPath -Force

# Set the first registry value
Set-ItemProperty -Path $registryPath -Name $valueName1 -Value $valueData1

# Set the second registry value
Set-ItemProperty -Path $registryPath -Name $valueName2 -Value $valueData2

Write-Host "Registry values set successfully."

I'm also recommending to our product team that we add this as a scripted action to Nerdio by default. 

Dave Stephenson

Thanks, Marcos Artiaga!

That's what I love about this community. Someone posts a thought/idea and someone else from the community is willing to "pick up the ball and run it to the end zone".


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