outlook search issues - HELP

Hey team hope all is good. 

I am having all my users report issues with search specifically outlook contacts and calendar items. 
Users have also complained that the caching to only 1 month and searching mail is not hte best 

I have been on calls with MS and no real solutions have been provided by them. 
What are you guys doing out there to improve outlook search and overal experience. 



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Dave Stephenson

I know we disable Outlook Cache (with GPO or Intune depending on the client) for AVDs just because of the FSLogix space issues.
Where clients need to be online to be able to access their AVD, it doesn't make too much sense to have cache mode enabled, in my mind.

I could be wrong (I often am 🙂) and you might have a different use case, but that's the perspective we've taken with our client's AVDs.


Marcos Artiaga

Hi Jonathan Giraldo,

Dave Stephenson is right. We've had a lot of partners report that online mode in AVD can out perform cached mode and also saves space in the fslogix profile (no OST). I'd give that a test and see if it improved performance. 

If you want to keep cache mode, you can use GPO or Intune to set a higher threshold for the cache. However, keep in mind what that will do to the overall size of your user profiles if they are caching more than they are now.


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