Printer Redirection (Specifically Brother)

We are pulling our hair out trying to get printer redirection with AVD working for a site that has local brother printers installed.  They just won't redirect.  They have some network copiers that are redirecting just fine which leads me to believe it's a driver issue.  But we have tried universal drivers as well as others and nothing.  Anyone else experience this?


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Dave Stephenson
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Hey, Darin. Welcome to the community 🙂

We haven't seen that. 
I know that Microsoft allows printer and USB redirection with AVD so it's possible that something isn't configured correctly.

I have a Brother USB printer at home and just tested it with AVD and W365. The printer redirected fine for me on both (at the same time).

  • Have you checked the RDP properties in the HostPool settings?
  • Is there a GPO or Intune Policy that is preventing local printer redirection?
  • Does this happen if you have them connect to an AVD in a different environment (i.e. can you connect to a test host pool at a different customer)?

USB Redirect (RDP Setting):

Printer Redirect (RDP Setting):




Darin Sullivan

I know part of it works since their network printers are redirecting. That was a brilliant idea logging into another environment.   Those tests produced failed results,  so I stepped back and started testing with my own workstation.  I have 4 different environments and I noticed some of my printers did not redirect.  My default xerox wouldn't redirect on any of them.   To be clear, the users are able to print by selecting the printer from the application they are in.  The bad part is because it doesn't show up as a printer, they can't select a default so quick print doesn't work for them.  

Dave Stephenson

Ahh. That makes me think it might be something like the old Easy Print driver permission problem we had back in the RDS days.

Did you try testing it with an Azure AD Authentication environment to help eliminate any legacy GPO conflicts?

What AVD (OS) and Clients/OS are you working with?
Client: Windows 11 > AVD: Windows 10
Client: Chrome OS > AVD: Windows 10
Client: Windows 10 > AVD: Windows 11

All of my testing has been with Windows 11 > Windows 11
When I tested, I set my network printer to default, connected to AVD and it was the default.
I then disconnected my AVD, set my USB printer as default, and reconnected, it recognized the new default printer in my AVD session when I reconnected.

I did test from the Browser client, and it doesn't pass through any printers (which is kind of expected)


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