aka.ms/<command> list

This is another one of those geeky finds.

Microsoft has a consolidated list of some of the popular aka.ms/<command> shortcuts (i.e. aka.ms/avdweb (AVD Web Client), aka.ms/avdclient (Remote Desktop App downloads), etc) on GitHub.


The really cool thing is you can add a new "search engine" to your browser and quickly go to aka.ms links without needing to type-out https://aka.ms/.... every time.


Hopefully, someone else knows of a more comprehensive list of the aka.ms/ shortcuts  or Microsoft expands what they display on GitHub in the future. 🤓


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Marcos Artiaga

Dave Stephenson, I love this kind of content. The amount of time I spent trying to look for a bookmark or Googling to get the right page is frustrating lol. Great find!


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