AVD Default Apps and Start Menu / Taskbar layouts

Hi all! Wanted to reach out and see if anyone has any methods they are currently using to manage Default App associations as well as  Start Menu / Taskbar layouts. I have heard mixed messages bout the reliability of using GPO's with AVD. I also saw somethings online that say if you use GPOs for some of these things Users can't change things. Outside of the GPO options others are referring to XML file import / export which I have seen done before as well just not by way of AVD / Nerdio. Perhaps a scripted action? Any thoughts and specifics on how to manage would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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Dave Stephenson

Hey, Adam Atwell.

I know we've done it before (outside of AVDs) with Intune and the same thing could/should work with Nerdio.
If you want to do it with a scripted action, you could do it, but it might be a little clunky.


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