Request - Please Add Global Intune Package Management to Nerdio

Hi team,

I am doing a lot of demos for Resellers recently with regards to Intune Management. The resellers love it, but one questions nearly always comes up. "Can I manage intune packages globally and push them to the endcustomers?"

At the moment not but I think it would be a great addition to the feature set. Pulling the Intune package section one level higher to the MSP and giving them the ability to created standard software packages in Intune and pushing them to all customers.

Just want to hear your thought about this idea.



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Dave Stephenson

If your resellers are wanting to push Intune App Packages to environments, you can do it outside of Nerdio by using VSCode.
There's THIS video, and THIS corresponding GitHub repo, from a few years ago that goes over the process.

It's not nearly as seamless as a Native Nerdio solution will be, but it's what we're doing currently and it's working fairly well for us. 

Another option, that doesn't have as many limitations/issues/quirks as Intune management does is to utilize a tool like ImmyBot ( to deploy applications.

Tony Cai

We are coming out with global application deployment using intune with widget coming soon in the September October release! Stay tuned. Should be a big game changer!

Jan Fredewess

Great news, thanks for the update!

Dave Stephenson: Thanks for the insight, that helps as a temporary solution. 


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