How to Enroll a Device to Intune

Download and learn about the different methologies for enrolling a new device into Intune:!AoE360Tn4VN1v0qSDLpFKw2DwUxU?e=9HtwII


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Dave Stephenson

Thanks, Tony!
For those that are using AD/GPOs, there's THIS blog post that talks about how to use a GPO to enroll an AVD host into Intune.

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This is a potential feature enhancement request.  Many of our clients with any virtualization/Azure environment are a hybrid model.  Some would like to eliminate group policy and traditional domain controller with active directory to go more towards Entra ID joined only with role base access control and Intune for device management.  (We will be implementing this for our company)  I realize that a physical device already joined to a domain must be un-joined in order to join the device to just Entra ID. We already have Azure AD sync in place.  The problem with converting domain joined devices to Entra ID joined is the prepping of multiple devices.  This method creates a new user profile on the device. Unless users have their documents saved to one drive or file share, their files and settings such as browser favorites or desktop background, those files must be copied over. A tool such as ForensIT can be used on a device by device basis. This is tedious. Things can be missed. Any person copying the wrong files will cause issues/corruption. If there would be any way of automating such feature like Forensit or even just a manual profile copy with Nerdio Intune management, that would be phenomenal!  Bonus if it only copies active profiles with option to delete inactive profiles or copy/archive them as well.  Some practices we serve have 500+ physical devices.  We believe this to be a pathway towards virtualization that our clients will be more likely to understand and accept.  

Dave Stephenson

Welcome to the community, Larry!

What you are asking for is possible, with 3rd party tools, but not currently with Nerdio.

**Warning: 3rd party tool pitch below**
Like you mentioned, you can use something like Forensit to do it, but we've found it's easiest with a tool call ImmyBot.
With ImmyBot, we've been able to do exactly what you're asking without needing to deal with the headache or cost of licensing/scripting Forensit.
ImmyBot handles the task with PowerShell so I'm guessing there is a way to get it to work in Nerdio, but the level of effort may (or may not) be too much for the Nerdio team to take on.
ImmyBot definitely isn't a free tool, but it is a very useful tool (see AVD without a Custom Image (ImmyBot) – Nerdio Help Center ( for other ways you could utilize ImmyBot with Nerdio/AVDs) that you can use for a lot of other tasks. It has a free 14-day trial and then month-to-month after that. You could use it for a big customer onboarding and then let Nerdio manage the devices after that.

I've got no skin in the game with ImmyBot so you can use it or not.
I know we've used it and continue to find other things we can use it for.🙂


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